The city of Vitia is located in the south-east part of Kosovo, in the border crossing with Macedonia. While the center is flat, the villages around are enclosed with mountains. The city of Vitia contains an area of 300Km2 and it has a population of 59,800 inhabitants. It is located in the center of Anamorava and across it Morava of Binca River flows. This zone is known for fertility lands and vegetable cultivation. The city of Vitia is very small, it has one main road which bends to the right and left to orient people into different directions which lead to various parts of the city (neighborhoods) with houses and gardens with fruit trees. The city of Vitia has inherited a traditional architecture which mainly has been preserved from residents itself. The population contains Albanians, although there is a percentage of Serbs that do live in this municipality.

Also to mention there is a small percentage of Croatians.

Close to Vitia there is an important center of pilgrimage Catholics in Letnice village. As a result of this ethnical mix, the municipality has an emphasized religious lifestyle, Orthodox and Muslim.

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The city of Vitia is connected with the highway Pristina- Skopje with a distance of 13 km. On the other hand, it is connected with the capital city Prishtina with vehicle roads in two directions: across the city of Ferizaj with a distance of 55 km and across the city of Gjilan with a distance of 67 km. The city of Vitia needs only 13 km to connect with Kosovo’s railroad, with Prishtina;s airport it has to pass a distance of 80 km. With the border crossing with Macedonia, there is a distance of 37 km that seperates it from the Hani I Elezit town, with Skopje there is a 60 km distance and with the Skopje airport 82 km distance.

Location: Vitia, in Region: Gjilan

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