Village Llapqevë is situated 17 km west of Malisheva municipality.

Most of its inhabitants have moved by now into surrounding towns, however it holds great touristic potential, added its vicinity with the Mirusha Canyon.

Mirusha Falls is one of the most prominent touristic spots in Kosovo. The road leading you there is not complicated at all; as it is located on the road Prishtina to Gjakova, more precise the road Klina to Gjakova. Around 3 km before arriving at the division of Mirusha River branch from the abundant riverbed of Drini Bardhe River is the location called Guri Zi; which is easy to spot having several restaurants and parking. As the waterfall is not accessible by vehicle, it is preferred to leave your vehicle there, and continue the road hiking just along the river through the forest; at the first left division of Drini Bardhe, take the left division and you’ll get there. The impressive and extraordinary vegetation is not very easy to walk through but it is very pleasant and worth experiencing.

Arriving at the waterfall, you may see the magnificent view and the crystal clear waters. Water temperatures are usually low, however the visitors during summer season often take a swim in the waters. The restaurants along Drini Bardhe River, serve tasty fresh fish, as well as by the waterfall there are some places where you may rest or have a refreshing drink.

Location: Llapçeva/Labia Malisheva, in Region: Prizren

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