The municipality of Kamenica is positioned in the most eastern part of Kosovo. Its estimated 63 000 inhabitants live within a territory of 523 km2, including the town and its 73 surrounding villages. Situated around 30 km to the east from city of Gjilan,

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Location: Kamenica, in Region: Gjilan

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Going Out in Kamenica

  • Mini Bahqja (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)Mindi BahqjaMindi Bahqja is a traditional restaurant located in the village of Kushutnice. It's notable for it's summer balconies surrounded by green spaces. Reviews (0)
  • Haliti (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)Haliti S.MHaliti S.M is located in the city centre. Known for its rich traditional menu and quality service. Reviews (0)
  • Antika (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)AntikaNotable for its location, good service and rich menu. Its home pizza is the most ordered food. Reviews (0)


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