Kllokot is located 6 km in the north of the city of Vitia, in the middle of the highway between cities Gjilan and Ferizaj with a distance of 50 km in the southeast of the capital city Prishtina. Kllokot is known for the mineral/healing (natural) pool of Kllokoti, the thermal fountain, and also for the factory of mineral water “Kllokot”. Besides all of these aspects that are very important for the local economy, Kllokot has been recognized for the natural beauties that it possesses. Sharr maintains can be seen in the towns horizons and it is really rich with waters that have been tested and been valued as waters that have healing characteristics. Morava e Binces is one of the rivers that flow’s across this town also. Kllokot has a Mediterranean climate, where as a result the winters are really short and the summers are longer. It has been said that Kllokot has important archeological locations. The most famous is called the sculpture of an Illyrian woman with characteristic wear.

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Location: Kllokot Vitia, in Region: Gjilan

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