Located near village Junik, on the road Gjakova – Peja, 20 kilometers North-west of Gjakova. Batusha is not a big village, being between the road to its left and Pashtriku Mountains to its right. If one continues going straight forward on the improvised road, the road ends taking you straight to a magnificent entrance into the forest. According to local villagers, autumn seems to be the most beautiful season for a walk in the forest, due to the diversity of colors and fruits, such as chestnuts and hazelnuts. Stone carving is the most cultivated art in the village, where every house wall has its own specific carving on a stone, color and order. Traditional fortresses called Kulla, still remain preferred residences for the villages of Batusha.

Location: Batusha Gjakova, in Region: Gjakova

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