City of Mitrovica is located in northern Kosovo, with a territory of 350 km2, with a 40 km distance from capital city of Prishtina.

The water resources brought by Ibri River, Sitnica River and the lushta River were the reasons for becoming a settlement i

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Location: Mitrovica, in Region: Mitrovica

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  • Arlinda(para 9 viteve)

    PristinaPristina seems so pristine in semumr. It is a huge difference since I was there, back in the bleak December.Seems like you cant stand still. I truly respect your way of story-telling, and your trust in this world that is really sparkling on this blog. Sorry I didnt reply when you left a comment a month ago. Was busy re-defining my blog Good luck in Kosovo. And wherever you are travelling to. And if you would pass again in Brussels, let me know.Sarajevo Blues Christophe Degreef, Belgium, Brussels

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Going Out in Mitrovica

  • Krapi (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)KrapiKrapi is a unique restaurant located in the suburbs of Mitrovica. The picturesque surrounding make for a great experience. The restaurant is known for its preparation of fresh... Reviews (0)
  • Antika (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)AntikaNotable for its location, good service and rich menu. Its home pizza is the most ordered food. Reviews (0)
  • Plus bar (Foto by: Labinot Gashi)Plus barPlus Bar is located in the center of the city. The bar is decorated in contemporary style. Reviews (0)


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