It is a very big village 16km far from Gjakova on the southeast side; it is on the highway Gjakova-Prizren. Entrance to the village is cut by the river Drini i Bardhë from the right side of it, right there it is the biggest market of the region. This market works on Sunday’s only and you can find almost any thing in the market starting from animals to the car etc. Rogova as a big village has a infrastructure of a small City and has: elementary school, high school, Post, Bank, and Health Care Center.

The Center of the village is very modern and good for walking; on the both sides of the street you will find bars with modern interiors. Pashtriku with it great view gives the village even more relaxing atmosphere.

All inhabitants of the village do call themselves by the last name of the tribe.

It is said that the village has been very much developed as we can tell from the leftovers of the Hamam, Mosque, also the Poga Tower and the Bride.

In the center part of Rogova you will find a Mosque of XVI century – Hasan Pashe Jemishxhiut Mosque. This Mosque during the last decade had some renovations which were don from the will of the community itself. In the Garden of the Mosque there are very old graves for which we do not know the past. Some of these graves are market with oriental decorate it stones and Arab writings. The Mosque interior has a typical decoration; its characteristics are Arab tiles with Arabic writings leftovers from Mosque of the XVI century.

Location: Rogove Gjakova, in Region: Gjakova

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