Visit the Stone Culture - 1 Day Tour


• Kulla Osdautaj (traditional stone “Tower House”) in the Dukagjini village of Isniq

• An historic Water Mill (still in original function)

• The 14th century Deēan Orthodox Monastery

• Visit the historic collection of kullas of Dranoc

• Traditional Lunch in the “Rame Zymeri” kulla

• Walk through the town of Junik

• Visit to Helveti Tekke

Depart Pristina early morning for the two hour drive to the village Isniq where you will visit the Kulla Osdautaj (Tower House). The Kulla Osdautaj is a unique four story kulla or traditional stone house. On the ground floor, a small Ethnological Museum presents an exhibit from the village of Isniq, including an authentic ‘oda,’ a traditional men’s meeting room. We then continue to the historic functioning Water Mill in Isniq and the 14th century Orthodox Monastery in Deēan. The Monastery offers the chance to experience the “Palaiologos renaissance” of Byzantine painting and see the original frescoes in this unique church listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The mountainous environment of Deēan adds to the pleasure of this experience. A guide is provided by the Monastery. We then drive to Dranoc and stop en-route at the “Souvenir Shop Jeta.” In Dranoc, we will visit a uniquely protected collection of Kullas (traditional stone “Tower Houses”). The kullas offer insights into the traditional living of the region – the men’s ‘oda’ (meeting room), the sofra (a shared table for meals), the ahuri (ground floor space for storage and livestock), lama (an area for preparing wheat). Traditional coffee will be served in the ‘oda’ of the Mazrekaj Kulla. After coffee, we will visit the Rame Zymeri Kulla for a traditional lunch followed by a walk through Junik, which is the hometown to former heavyweight European boxing champion Luan Krasniqi, artist and writer Rexhep Goci, politician and writer Haxhi Kraki and poet Din Mehmeti among others. The tour continues to Helveti Tekke, an important spiritual place for the religious Tarikat sect in western Kosovo. Religious ceremonies in the Tekke express a long tradition of faith. A guide is provided by Tekke authorities.


Address: Rr. Skenderbeu pn. 10 000, Deēan

Phone: +381 (0) 390-362-150, Mobile: +377 (0) 44 392-648

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