Prizren City & Rahovec Winery; 2-Day Tour


- Scenic drive through the picturesque Gorge of Caraleves

- Guided tour of Prizren’s historic sights, which date from the Roman to Ottoman Empires

- Traditional Kosovo dinner overlooking the Sharri mountains

- Wine tasting at Stone Castle Winery, the largest in South East Europe

Departing from Pristina, we will drive through the beautiful Gorge of Caraleves and arrive in Prizren for a guided tour around the city. We will visit the Prizren Castle, which dates from the Roman Empire, and the Ottoman era Sinan Pasha Mosque and Hamam (Turkish bath house). We will also visit a historic 200 year old tree, the League of Prizren Monument which commemorates Albanian nationalism in the Ottoman Empire, the 15th century Catholic Cathedral, Stone Castle Winery – the largest winery in the region, and the Daka family basement winery. The ”Te Syla” restaurant in Prizren will introduce the group to ”Prizreni Qofte” and other delicious regional specialties for lunch. Overnight at the newly renovated SHARRI Resort in the Sharri Mountains above Prizren.


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