Experience Prishtina & Prizren; 3 Day Tour


• Nightlife in Prishtina

• Walking tour of Prishtina

o Monument of Skenderbeg and Kosovo Government buildings

o Grave of former President Rugova

o The National Museum

o Gėrmia Park – the “lung” of Prishtina

o Hamam (Turkish Bath), Eminxhiku Old House, House of the Kosova Academy

o National Library and University of Prishtina

o Mausoleum of Sultan Murat

• Visit sights around Prishtina and Prizren

o Graēanica Monastery (Serbian Orthodox monastery)

o Unique marble caves of Gadime

o Archeological site of the ancient Roman City at Ulpiana

• Overnight accommodations in Prishtina and Prizren

Day One: Arrival and Prishtina by Night

Check-in to Prishtina’s Hotel “Ora” on Friday afternoon just in time for a leisurely dinner at the Restaurant Pishat, which the “In Your Pocket Guide” for Pristina describes as the best restaurant in the city.

Day Two: Walking Tour of Prishtina

Begin with a walking tour of Prishtina, which will include visits to Prishtina’s famous monuments and museums and have a coffee at Bistro Rings, one of Pristina’s best cafes. Continue your guided tour through the beautiful Gėrmia Park, considered the “lung” of Prishtina, and enjoy lunch in the park at the Restaurant Vila Gėrmia. After lunch, visit the Monument of the Kosovo Battle at Gazimestan, commemorating the defeat of the Ottoman Empire over 600 years ago, and the Mausoleum of Sultan Murat. Return to the hotel and enjoy a leisurely dinner

Day Three: Sights around Prishtina and Prizren

After breakfast at your hotel in Prishtina, you will be driven outside of the city to visit some of the unique attractions of the region. A short drive from Prishtina, see the magnificent frescoes adorning the walls of the 600 AD era Serbian Orthodox Monastery at Graēanica. From there you will visit the unique and beautiful Paleozoic marble caves of Gadime followed by a tour of the ancient Roman ruins at Ulpiana. After lunch you will continue your journey to the Ottoman town of Prizren and then back to Prishtina late afternoon.

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