Prizren, Dragash and Brod; 3 Day Tour


• Day and evening walking tours of the ancient city of Prizren:

o Prizreni Fortress

o Museum of the League of Prizren

o Prizren Hamam, an old Turkish bath

o The Old Market, Ēarshia e Vjetėr e Prizrenit

o The Prizreni Archeological Museum

• Enjoy traditional foods

• Tour the historical city of Dragash

• Panoramic views of Argjena, Sharri mountains and Vermica

• Experience Gorani hospitality with villagers of Brod

Day 1: Prizren by Night

Arrive in the ancient city of Prizren late afternoon and check-in to the Hotel “Theranda”. Experience Prizren by night, starting with a short walk through the Old Market; Enjoy traditional Prizreni cuisine at the Restaurant “Sharri” (Appetizers: peppers with cream and cheese, traditional Sharri cheese; main course: tava casserole with veal and baked potatoes, salad; dessert: baklava and tullumba, an oriental version of the doughnut.

Day 2: Experience Prizren and Dragash

Start with breakfast at the Hotel “Theranda” followed by a walking tour of Prizreni Fortress (appropriate footwear recommended!); visit the Museum of the League of Prizren and Prizren Hamam, an old Turkish bath; walk through the Old Market - Ēarshia e Vjetėr e Prizrenit - followed by a visit to the Prizreni Archeological Museum. Stop for lunch at the Restaurant “Alhambra” known for its grilled specialties. After lunch, travel to Dragash and learn about the municipality’s history before continuing to the Resort “Argjena”, where you will spend the night, enjoy the views, dinner and entertainment at the Resort’s restaurant.

Day 3: Visit Gorani community in Brod and Vermica

Begin your day with a traditional breakfast at the Resort and catch a glimpse of the wild goats wandering on the rocks near the restaurant terrace; visit a Gorani community in a unique Brod village; shop for souvenirs and traditional costumes; enjoy a Turkish coffee with the villagers and listen to their stories; experience the beauty of the Sharri mountains and admire the lake view from the terrace of the Resort “Universe” in Vermica before returning to Prizren after lunch, and continue on to Pristina.


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