Peja, the Dranoc Kullas and Deçan Monastery - 1 Day Tour


• Walking tour of Peja conducted by a knowledgeable English speaking guide

• Visit cultural and historical monuments in the old market

• Visit Dranoc (Kulla e Mazrejkave)

• Traditional lunch at “Art Design” Restaurant

• Visit Deēan Monastery

Peja is one of the oldest inhabited places in Kosovo. It is mentioned by the Illyrians, and was the most important city of ancient Dardania. Several archaeological artifacts have been discovered here, which show that this was an administrative municipal center for the entire valley of Dukagjini. From the Rugova Experience office, your guide will introduce you to the city and sights. We will then drive west of Peja to the “Kulla” of Mazrejkave and beautiful 14th century Deēan Monastery with its magnificent well-preserved frescoes. We return to Peja for lunch at the “Art Design” Restaurant.


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  • Cyrille(para 5 viteve)

    Im very impressed that a 16 year old made these works of art, the mattiruy shines through and even though you can see slight room for improvement, for someone that young, you cant fault it. I love the fire piece, it looks very realistic. My favourite is the white one with the pink and black shapes I like how the lady has been modified like her leg looks plastic and the shapes burst from her.

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