Hiking in Rugova Valley


• Three to four hour hike through local communities in Rugova Valley

• Experienced English speaking guide

• Visit a local Mosque in Drelaj village, and see how people live in this region

The national park of the Rugova region, which is part of the “Accursed Mountains,” is only 2 kms from Peja in the beautiful Rugova Valley, which is traversed by the 56 kms Lumbardhi River. The Rugova Valley is often compared to Switzerland and is ideal for rock climbing, trekking, hiking, exploring caves, skiing, snowshoeing, and enjoying picnics with friends.

Begin with a briefing and coffee by our staff at the Rugova Experience office in Peja. Following coffee, we will drive about an hour to the picturesque village of Drelaj in Rugova Valley to begin hiking through the settlements and stunning natural landscape of the Rugova Valley. After a traditional lunch and coffee with a local family, we return to Peja.


Rugova Experience

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