Full Day Mountain Biking Tour in Rugova Valley – Enjoy Nature and Relax with Rugova Experience

Tour Highlights

• 50 km from Kuqisht to the stunning mountain landscape of the Boge village

region, passing via the villages of Haxhaj and Stankaj.

• From Boge, 6 km along unpaved roads across the spectacular rolling

landscape of the Shkrel and Koshutan

• From Shkrel, the tour turns south to connect with an unpaved road that follows

the Koshutan River for 13 km to a paved road leading 14 km to Peja.

• Led by Agim Mala, President of the Peja Cycling Association, an expert cyclist

who has ridden every trail and road in the region.

Sample Itinerary

7:00 Depart Pristina from the Grand Hotel parking lot (if you are joining the

Rugova Experience transport).

9:00 Meet in Peja at the Rugova Experience office

9:15-9:45 Drive to Kuqisht. Bicycle safety check before departure.

10:45 Estimated arrival at junction for Haxhaj and Stankaj. Continue to the

villages and Boge.

12 noon Lunch at the Rudi Group Restaurant in Boge.

13:00 Walk and ride up the hill from Boge towards Shkrel and onward to

Koshutan. En-route, we will stop at a local family’s house in the

countryside for coffee.

15:30 Arrive at beginning of the River Lumbardhi and continue downhill

through a beautiful gorge.

16:30 Arrive at Rugove Water Plant to visit the source and see the bottling

operation. A refreshing break before the final 14 km, mostly downhill,

to Peja city .

17:30 Arrive in Peja at the Rugova Experience office. Evaluation forms

before returning to Pristina. Approximately 19:30, arrive in Pristina.

Minimum/Maximum size of the group: 8 / 15

Price: 35 € per person (including transport from Peja, lunch and

experienced guide)

Price: 30 € per person (your own transport)

For more information, please contact: Syzana Baja,

Tel: +381 (0) 39 432 352; Mobile: +377 (0) 44 348-831; +386 (0) 49 390 589

E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

Web: www.rugovaexperience.org

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