Welcome to Gjakova, a city of tradition, culture and heritage - One-Day Tour


• The cultural attractions of 500 year old Gjakova

• The unique old Bazaar, one of the largest in the region

• High-quality handicrafts

• 16th century Hadum Aga Mosque

• The Old Haraçija Inn, a museum restaurant, which is a microcosm of Gjakova’s history

• Traditional houses with interesting architecture

From Pristina, arrive in Gjakova for a coffee in the Old Bazaar and visit to the Gjakova Clock Tower, which marks the center of the Old Bazaar. We also visit the grain market and see the handicrafts of quilt-workers, saddler makers, silversmiths and embroiderers. We then visit the 16th century Mosque of “Hadum Aga,” a traditional house for a tea break, and watch a group of craftsmen who create hand-made wooden boxes. Afterwards, we have the special opportunity to visit a Bektashi “Tekke” (traditional lodge) and hear stories of the “Babai” (spiritual leader) of the Tekke. The Bektashi are an Islamic Sufi order, which is considered a branch of Shiite Islam. We also visit the 16th century inn of “Hani i Haraçisë,” the old bazaar shopping area, and Ethnographic Museum. Lunch will be at the Hotel “Çarshia e Jupave,” which was built in 2004 combining traditional stone and modern design elements.

Note: Minimum group size: 10


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