Chalet Denis

Built from timber, decorated with traditional local motives, offers good services and qualitative food. Offers 10% discount for groups.


Pizza and pasta, baked in stone oven are really worth to try.

Price range:

Starter, main dish, desert and two drinks will cost you around 7€

Accompanying equipment:

Fully secured sufficient parking space, two summer terraces with a great view on the city.


Ahmet Krasniqi st. - Dragodan


It serves a combined menu, traditional specialties with Italian and French influences. It also serves a daily changing menu.


Mainly international visitors.

Tags: Dragodan, outdoor terrace

Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

Rating14 ratings Avg. 4.5

Reviews (4)

  • Jeyse(para 4 viteve)

    I think you hit a buleylse there fellas

    0 ratings Avg. 0
  • Kancha(para 6 viteve)

    Michael The thing is the solution on the gruond is clear. All Kosovar Albanians want independence and the minorty Serbs want to remain part of Serbia. All of Serbia wants the same. So you see, they cant settle it on their own, or they could, but not without fighting and hence we are there.

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  • Kimsey(para 7 viteve)

    Spectacular service and great food Totally recommend for either a night out with friends or a bite to eat when on your own. I also recommend staying at the Denis Hotel which is directly behind the restaurant. The staff will provide service direct to your room which is nice if you prefer a night in. The suites have the best views in Prishtina hands down

    1 Rating Avg. 5
  • afrim(para 7 viteve)

    The best restaurant in Prishtina.

    4 ratings Avg. 4.75
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