An English style pub in the heart of Pristina. The 91 is popular with both locals and internationals... especially plenty of poor, unfortunate Liverpool FC fans!

A good place to watch football and rugby - there are always a few passionate supporters to build the atmosphere.

It has an extensive and tasty pub-grub menu, with a beautiful terrace in front for those long summer evenings!

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Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

Rating28 ratings Avg. 4.11

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  • Domingos(para 6 viteve)

    This is yitbarek abay from Ethiopia. I have BSc dergee in Environmental health officer which is the one element of public health. Currently, I am working for the government an an assistant lecturer since i graduate. And i have six years of professional work experience. still now, i dont get an apportunity to upgrade my career. so, if i get chance i would be happy to pursue my MSc programme in public health.

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  • Chris(para 7 viteve)

    Good food, but when I asked for Malt Vinegar for my fish and chips the waiter just stared at me. Gotta have Malt Vinegar to be an English-Style pub.

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  • hajrush(para 8 viteve)

    yes, really very nice bar

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  • Kevin OLoughlin(para 8 viteve)

    Nice bar, pity about all those Liverpool fans...

    1 Rating Avg. 3
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