Astro seems to be very famous in the neighborhood and it has quite a lot of fans outside the region as well. It's specialty the grilled garlic chicken is definitely worth trying if you're not dieting and you love garlic.

The restaurant has a very cosy atmosphere, it smells pleasantly like a good homey kitchen.

The owner told us that the garlic chicken was actually a recipe from one of his neighbors, who decided to open a small tavern back in the nineties and cook some of his home dishes.

The restaurant is in Zllakuqan on the road to Istog, and it happens quite often that people heading for a trout in Istog end up enjoying chicken in Zllakuqan.

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Tags: garlic chicken, traditional albanian

Location: Zllakuqan Klina, in Region: Peja

Rating10 ratings Avg. 4.80

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