With a homey interior and homemade food specialties, Restaurant Tiffany reminds one of an authentic Kosovar kitchen. Referencing 70s interior design lines common in Albanian houses, the restaurant has a charming and warm vibe, with walls partially covered with uncarved stones and original paintings by local artists. Its unique yard, with scattered wooden tables, is fenced with greenery laid stones.

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Tags: traditional albanian, outdoor terrace, tava,

Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

Rating20 ratings Avg. 4.35

Reviews (1)

  • ardi(para 10 viteve)

    Great place to eat, fantastic food, BUT they do rip you off if youre not a local (i.e. Kosovo expat and especially if youre a foreigner or a tourist). Ive been there many times in the past and have paid different prices for the same food Its annoying that they deliberately chose not to publish a menu to rip their customers off.

    5 ratings Avg. 3.60


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