Marble Cave in Gadime

Village Gadime lays among the road Prishtinė – Ferizaj, around 20 km away from Prishtina. Village Gadime falls into jurisdiction of Lipjan municipality. The cave in Gadime is one of the most visited attractions in Kosovo.

The cave has been discovered recently, in 1969 when one of the habitant families ran into the channel leading to the cave, while trying to build the foundation for their new house. Five years after its discovery, it became open for visitors. Stalagmites, Stalactites and Aragonites are rare characteristics of the cave. Around 1500 m have been investigated so far, while 800 m of its space may be visited.

The inner temperature varies from 8 to 13 grades Celsius, depending on the season. The marble cave in Gadime is open for visitors every working day, from morning hours till late afternoon. Visiting fee is 2.5 euro per person, tour guide included.

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