Luboten is the highest peak of Sharri Mountains, its beautiful scenery being very rare. It is located west of Kaqanik, at 2,498 m height.

Blueberry fruits remain as one of the only means of earning money, for the villagers of the area.

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  • Vanessa(para 6 viteve)

    , I wonder if rencet moves, including Bushs somewhat shocking statement about giving full independence to Kosovo, really merely reflect a larger game between the US and Russia, with the US seeking to strengthen allies in the region (Albania) versus those of the Russians, such as the Serbs. It seems that these small countries (or parts of countries) are more like pawns to be used in a great power game between the powers (not saying this is wrong, just the way I believe the world works). Im not sure I agree with Bush on full independence for Kosovo. As a Croat friend tells me, Kosovo is Serb land and very important (he says holy) to Serbians. Are we willing to kiss the butts of some Muslims just to curry favor Then again, I am very pleased at Albanian support for Bush and dont trust Putin and the Russians for a second.

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