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Friday, 17 September 2010, by: Kevin O'Loughlin

We're back!

It has been too long but we are now back and ready to keep you entertained and informed. Kosovo has too many hidden secrets... let's shout about them! I hope we see you back here every week for news on upcoming events, and I hope we can help you learn more about this great country.

We are currently updating KosovoGuide.com so stay tuned for a bigger / faster / stronger version of the site coming in Oct 2010!

We are improving the business directory; making it easier to find new and exciting Restaurants and Hotels but there is much more to KosovoGuide.com than that.

Kosovo has an abundance of natural wonders and activities to offer both locals and our international visitors...

Feel free to check out our suggested Activities and Tours for yourself.

We already have some Attractions for you to read about and we will continue to add to this list every week.

Thank you once again for visiting and we hope that you make KosovoGuide.com your first stop when deciding how to spend your valuable free time!

Gezuar dhe Faleminderit!

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