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The CODEX llc according to the all activities that has been running by now and always a company that is dedicated to full fill the needs of the costumers with the most greatest quality, have decided to offer a new service, which is Rent a Car.

The specific thing that has our company is that you can be able to be served by our cars in many locations in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania. Except the service that we offer by renting you a car, we offer another way of fulfilling your needs by giving a car with a driver, transferring to the airport or another place of Kosovo and also outside the country.

For the weekends, if you plan to make a road trip why don’t you come and rent a car from our service. Symphony Rent A CAR makes you a special offer for it’s vehicles, pay for two days and keep it for three. Weekend prices are valid in rental agreements that starts from Friday 12.00 until Monday 09.00.

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