Brezovica is a village, in the municipality of Shtërpce, being the most important touristic center for winter sports. It lies beside Sharri Mountains, with an elevation between 900 and 2500 meters above sea level.

Skiing pathways are located 12 kilometers away from the village, while the surface of the ski center is 2500 hectares. Skiing pathways are around 4 kilometers long, each; average loop of 38 %. At 1718 m elevation, on the Grand Mead is the newest ski lift located, while exit station of the ski lift is located at an elevation of 2212 above sea level. “Brezovica” ski center is open throughout the year, where during the summer there is still some snow left.

The center has several hotels, offering good service of high standard. Among the most known hotels is Hotel Narcis, of first class standards; located at 900 meters above sea level and 9 kilometers from the ski paths. At 1700 meters height above sea level is Hotel Molika, second category hotel, located right beside ski paths. At the hotel you may also equip yourself with skiing equipment.

For more information, please visit “Snownjeri” is an association of extreme skiers, always looking for winter adventures; for more information please visit:

Location: Brezovica Shtërpce, in Region: Ferizaj

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