Fushëmali/Poliçka is a settlement 30 km north east of Kamenica, in the southern edge of Kitka Mountains. Many families, from the Sandzak and Nish expulsion of 1877/78, were settled in the village. It is a very small village at a height of 1100 m.

The road to Fushëmali is paved only partially, passing village Hogosht the paved road belongs to the past as it has not been maintained for a long time. As you drive further, highlanders’ pathways remain the only direction guide in this part of territory. With the elevation of the mountains, the houses of the highlanders become even more scattered away from each other.

The hills, the pine and oak trees add to the beauty of these highlands. The villagers are ethnic Albanians, of Muslim religion. The village is known for Kadri Zeka’s Oda (0da = traditional canonic assembly room) which is located on the hill, above the village. Since, only few people seldom visit the village, the children can recognize any new face that comes in the village. The children were the ones that escorted us to the Kadri Zeka stronghold, opening up the doors and guided us in every step.

People are very friendly and open. even though there are no restaurants and resting places, you may easily agree with the villagers for some of their traditional food.

Location: Policka Kamenica, in Region: Gjilan

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