The municipality of Dragash is situated at the most southern corner of Kosovo. Located at a height of 1500 meters, it is surrounded by Sharri Mountains and Koritniku Mountains, which is also known as Pikëllima (meaning sadness).

Main rivers in the area are River Pllava, Restelica River, Bresana River, Brod River, and many smaller streams. There are also three lakes in the area, the Brezna Lake, Lake of Shutman, and Lake of Defo.

It holds a territory of 435.25 square kilometers, being the tenth largest municipality in Kosovo, by territory. Its 50,000 inhabitants are divided into two ethnic communities: Opoja region, inhabited by Kosovo Albanians and the Gora region, inhabited by Gorani community. Gora is the only area in Kosovo with a concentrated Gorani community, which is also known for interethnic tolerance. As it is poor on agricultural resources, and geographically isolated, it is one of the undeveloped municipalities in Kosovo.

The nearest municipality is of Prizren, with a distance of 37 kilometers; and 114 kilometers away from capital city. Through Sharri Mountains it is bond with Republic of Macedonia.

The territory is quite important with its attributes, such as the Illyrian Shepherd (Sharri Dog), a special race of dogs being found only in this part of the world. Sharri Cheese is also among the best quality cheese in the country. On the other hand, Sharri Mountains is among the most preferred terrain for climbing, hiking and skiing; as a result of rich flora and fauna.

According to analyses conducted by skiing experts, it is confirmed that the municipality of Dragash holds 40% of the most appropriate skiing terrain in the country.

The municipality is also known for its network of libraries throughout the villages and the towns, with an amount of 52,300 books that were saved from destruction during the last war.

Location: Dragash, in Region: Prizren

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