The city of Ferizaj is located in south of Kosovo, more precisely in the right side of the highway Prishtine-Skopje, 35 kilometers far from the capital city. The municipality of Ferizaj holds up to 345km2, meaning the city itself including the other forty-five (45) villages around it. This area has a population of 170.000 inhabitants. Ferizaj is relatively a new city. This municipality has started to develop since year 1873 when the railroad and the railroad station were built. (HYPERLINK "http://sq.wikipedia.org/wiki/1873" o "1873" 1873). In the time of speaking there was a hostel (dosshouse) that existed and the owner of it was Feriz Shashivari. Based on the owners name Feriz Shashivari this city possessed the name Ferizaj. After the war this city was comparatively destroyed (shattered). Today comparing with other cities it is considered the second most developed city after the capital Prishtina in Kosovo. Some of the factories and enterprises that before many years were basis for the expansion of the economy in this municipality are yet functioning. Some of these factories and enterprises are: The factory of steel pipes, the factory of oil, the combine of wood, the factory for processing exotic fruits, the factory of bricks etc. As mentioned above these factories and enterprises in spite of everything do function but with many difficulties as a result of Privatization period. Ferizaj is not a big city, nevertheless its organization and architecture makes it a very interesting to visit.

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Buses from Prishtina to Ferizaj and vice versa circulate every 15 minutes. Traveling by bus in this distance of 35 kilometers will cost you no more than 1.50 Euros. Same branches of buses do exist for the city of Gjilan with Skopje. The buses to the city of Gjilan circulate every 20-30 minutes from 06:00 am till 19:30 pm. The price for this ride will cost you 2.00 Euros. If you are interested in going to Skopje from the city of Ferizaj then that will cost you 4.00 Euros and the buses will be circulating in this interval of time: 07:00am , 10:07am , 10:40am , 11:15am , 15:10pm, 16:20pm, 17:07pm, and the last one will be at 18:07pm.


Ferizaj is characterized by the Mosque and the Orthodox Church, whereas the almost share the same land. Near these to religious buildings you can find the City Library which has a park that albeit the chaotic roads and really dense traffic, people find the park actually relaxing and calming. From this point the city can be explored even further in detail. The communistic architecture and the public buildings take over the center part of the city, except in this zone many coffee shops which are frequently visited by the youth are located there. The city mostly has only one-way roads, meaning that you can be easily oriented to visit other parts (neighborhoods) of this city. The environment in the city of Ferizaj is habitually filled with energy that young people bring to it.

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Bifurcation is a natural phenomenon where one river divided into two branches of a flow of water and pours into different seas’. There are only two cases like this in the world, so one of them is in Kosovo- in the Nerodime River. One branch pours into the Lepenc river and continues to Vardar river and Aegean Sea, the other branch flows on the other side and pours in to Sitnica River which then pours into Iber River and in the end in the Black Sea. This natural and interesting phenomenon can be visited every day. If you want to reach this point it can be easily done if you arrive there through the city of Ferizaj. The road to there is not really well-build however it is passable. The road is provided with different signs so it is nearly impossible to lose the way. The bifurcation phenomenon of the division of the river can be viewed really clearly from the grinder which was renovated and is open for tourists.

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