Gjakova is a very beautiful place in southeastern Kosovo. It is situated 360 m high above the sea level and is a must to visit place including center and villages around. Gjakova Municipality, the main town and its 84 villages, cover an area of 512 km2.

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Location: Gjakova, in Region: Gjakova

Rating45 ratings Avg. 4.47

Reviews (3)

  • Adi(para 7 viteve)

    Keni shume gabime qe duhet te permiresohen sa me pare.

    1 Rating Avg. 1.00
  • Anon(para 10 viteve)

    Gjakova is situated in southwestern Kosovo

    6 ratings Avg. 3.67
  • rina(para 11 viteve)

    gjakovaaaa is the best city in kosova ♥♥♥♥♥ love Gjk....P

    7 ratings Avg. 4.29



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