The municipality of Kamnica is positioned in the most eastern part of Kosovo. Its estimated 63 000 inhabitants live within a territory of 523 km2, including the town and its 73 surrounding villages. Situated around 30 km to the east from city of Gjilan, a large part of the territory is bordered with Republic of Serbia. There are many river and streams in Kamenica, however the most important ones are the Krivareka, Desivojca and Hogosht Rivers, which all pour into Morava River.

Kamenica is a very small town, seeming that all the life and the administration happens right within its small town-center. The town’s park in also located in downtown Kamenica, positioned along the Krivareka River; where the park’s monument is a still remaining memory of the socialist realism art. Crossing the park, you may see the Orthodox Church of St. Nikola, where you may get to visit the church with a prior notice.

The hill above Kamnica, village Ruboc, is the crucial natural parkland of the town; being a part of Mali i Madh (Big Mountain), which reaches an elevation of 1260 m and from where you can see a large territory including the town of Kamenica. The hill serves as the most visited natural park in Kamenica during warmer seasons; with the dominating oak trees adding to its beautiful landscape. The roads are good and easy driveable.

Location: Kamenica, in Region: Gjilan

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