City of Mitrovica is located in northern Kosovo, with a territory of 350 km2, with a 40 km distance from capital city of Prishtina.

The water resources brought by Ibri River, Sitnica River and the lushta River were the reasons for becoming a settlement during the ancient times.

The bridge over River Ibër, which derives from Gazivoda Lake and runs through the city, has become the ethnic division line of its population, after the ending of the last war in 1999.

In the southern part of the city live around 100 000 ethnic Albanians, whereas the northern part is inhabited by ethnic Serbian population.

Mitrovica is mainly a mountainous territory, with its Rogoza and Kopaoniku Mountains.

In the 14th century, the city was titled the “Civitas Sancti Demetrii”, Dmitrovica, after Saint Dimitri of Thessaloniki. After Tito’s death, when many cities got named after him, Mitrovica became tito’s Mitrovica, while nowadays is only known by its ancient name Mitrovica.

Underground resources and mining activities since the ancient times have gradually formed the identity of the city. The mines during the Yugoslavian regime were merged into the Trepça compound, which was the greatest enterprise in the country at that time.

Location: Mitrovica, in Region: Mitrovica

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