Nerodime e Eperme

The village of Nerodime is located 6 km away from the city of Ferizaj. Besides the regular roads, the villages underneath the woods always make their paths more fascinating. Nerodime River and mountains with the same exact name are a really great attraction for tourism. Mostly locals and people from the city (of Ferizaj) visit these two natural beauties. These paths are filled with restaurants which catch the attention of many tourists. Most of these restaurants are located in the water front of the river and commonly they serve fish specialties. This path from the mauntain is available to you all through paths that have been created by people and time, and they send you directly to the river. Arriving there you have to cross a small bridge above the river and immediately in the right side of it you will see a beautiful field conformable for a picnic.

Location: Nerodime e Eperme Ferizaj, in Region: Ferizaj

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