Prishtina is the largest city in Kosovo, and its capital. It has around 572 square kilometers, with its 48 surrounding villages. It holds 400 thousand inhabitants within the city, while with the villages it holds around 470 thousand. After the flux, of th

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Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

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  • Dina(para 9 viteve)

    , But this bumpy commute back and forth is more than a car rideits like monivg between different worlds different languages, different currencies, different politics, and an entirely different set of rules to the game. Her comment suggests that Serbian Kosovars and Albanian Kosovars are so different in culture and outlook that the idea that they will ever consider themselves to be kinsmen of the same country is preposterous.Yet in the post Ms Leutmer wrote immediately before this one, she says, Neither partitioning of the region, nor the full integration of Northern Mitrovica into Kosovos sovereign territory are particularly appealing options Integration and partition have both been on the table in Kosovo since the end of the conflict. While Belgrade does not officially recognize the independence of any part of Kosovo, the possibility of partition has been unofficially floated as an acceptable outcome on their side. This could be unwise, the opening of a Pandoras Box of sorts, which would lead to another round of violent state reorganization around ethnicity in the region. Republika Srpska in Bosnia, the Albanian-dominated Presevo Valley in Serbia, and multi-ethnic Macedonia are all likely areas of conflict. One is tempted to say, welcome to the Balkans, but that response is too banal. Unless the goal is to let the problems in that part of the world fester forever, there are really only two solutions annex the Serbian majority provinces in the North to Serbia or remove NATO troops and European police forces and let the sides fight it out with the spoils (Kosovo) going to the victor.As unpalatable as the idea of letting the Serbs and Albanians fight it out may sound, thats the way disputes like this one were handled for centuries. Is it really so clear that allowing a status quo that is reviled by both sides to the dispute to persevere indefinitely is really such a better optionOf course, there is one other possibility. The 22 EU member states that have recognized Kosovos independence could offer sanctuary to the 1.5 million Albanian Kosovars. Even if one hundred percent of the Albanian population of Kosovo accepted the offer, it would come to less than 70,000 Albanian immigrants to each of the participating EU countries. Perhaps the intrepid bloggers who are producing this fascinating website would like to speculate what percentage of the Albanian Kosovar population would take up such an offer in the unlikely event that it would ever be presented. My guess is that a very high percentage of Albanian Kosovars, especially the young, would rush for the exits. natively, the EU member states who have recognized Kosovo could make the same offer to the Kosovar Serbs. Were they to do so, and if all of Kosovos Serbs accepted the offer, it would come to less than 6,000 Kosovar Serb immigrants to the EU nations extending the offer (assuming they were evenly divided).At least if the Europeans were to make such a proposal, it would be possible to take their assertion that they have humanitarian concerns seriously.Otherwise, perhaps the EU can explain how Serbian and Albanian Kosovars are supposed to share the same country when Flemish, French and German speakers in the nation that houses the capital city of a United Europe cant even share the same country.With Belgium on the verge of breaking up, how can anyone with a shred of intelligence or decency expect Albanian and Serbian Kosovars to share the same nation

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