:DokuTour Thursday 21 August: Decan - Peja - Radavc

Visit Decan monastery, the traditional Albanian house towers (Kullas), Peja the blossom of the Dukagjini region and the source of Drin river.

Bus picks up the guests in front of Hotel Theranda at 11 AM and heads towards Decan. After a short at the Kullas we head for the Decan Monastery, with the old orthodox church build in a Roman/Dalmatian style. From there we head for Peja and have short walk in the city. Afterwards we head for the source of the Drin River in Radavc, where we'll have river trout for lunch and see the beautiful Drini waterfalls. The bus gets you back to Prizren at around 5-6 PM.

For guests coming from Prishtina the bus leaves from Prishtina at 9 AM in front of Sheshi 21, and comes back from Prizren at 9 PM.

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