Vila Park

Family restaurant “Vila Park” is a warm hospitality place, located in village Zhupa, few kilometers from Prizren. Its kind and entertaining staff, offers high quality specialties.

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Location: Sredske Prizren, in Region: Prizren

Rating21 ratings Avg. 4.10

Reviews (2)

  • Nick(para 8 viteve)

    this restaurant is located in a very nice spot but the service is very bad..they would not serve you for an hour and complaint doesnt help. Last time I was there I found small pieces of glass in the sallat and they even charged me for that...they are not behaving good with their clients,what they care is just take your money.I suggest you to use marlboro or Madera and Fuad.

    0 ratings Avg. 0.00
  • murat idrizi(para 9 viteve)

    persh deshta met vet per ni djal ekam me punu aki munsi mema pranu ju lutna un jam kuzhinjer rogov punoj me ni otel qofse kini munsi ju lutna mlajmro

    2 ratings Avg. 3.50


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