Located in the centre of the city, Freskia is considered as one of the most popular restaurants in town. It provides a large and comfortable space with quick and professional service.

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Location: Ferizaj, in Region: Ferizaj

Rating9 ratings Avg. 4.22

Reviews (2)

  • Lea Zeqiri(para 8 viteve)

    You cannot rate Kosovo food against other European countries or even the other Balkan countries, it would not be fair. But taking that into context, I was very disappointed with Freskia. It came highly recommended for the fish and we each ordered it, but it was cooked to bony leather. The atmosphere and service was lovely and a fair value. Well stocked bar, not so on the wines but I believe that has been rectified. Going back in two months, not sure if Ill go here.

    0 ratings Avg. 0.00
  • Grishma(para 9 viteve)

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    1 Rating Avg. 4.00


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