Enjoy coffee, a hot breakfast or even a quick morning sandwich followed by our wonderful dessert menu. A distinctive variety of pastries and traditional favorites available for you all day, just make a call. A comfortable atmosphere in a quaint setting allows for an enjoyable and relaxing experience, at the city center.


Fellini offers various desserts, ice-cream and cakes, non-alcoholic drinks and a various specialties of salads, sandwiches and pizza. Some of the best tasted cakes are: Griliazh, Zharbo, Plazma, Nescafe Cake, Opera, Gloria, Ester Hazi, and we also have special decorated cakes for kids.

Price range:

Prices are average - coffee costs from approx. 1 Euro, desserts and ice-cream start at EUR 1.5 whereas food starts from EUR 2.

Accompanying equipment:

The two Fellini locations, first at the city center in the street “Perandori Justinian” right in front of the main RTK Building and the second, located in front of the Ministry of Education Building in street “Agim Ramadani” are built in two floors and with summer terrace with relaxing ambient.


Close to RTK premises (city center) and in front of Ministry of Education Building street “Agim Ramadani”. as well as 28 Nentori st. Prishtine (Mbrapa ngrohtores)


Fellini cake has been part of different national inauguration moments such as the anniversary of the Republic of Kosovo (when the cake was approx 1.5t in weight), welcoming of President Clinton with a huge cake and KFOR inauguration events. Parties, weddings, anniversaries, team building events and many more moments cannot be imagined without the taste of Fellini cakes.

Tags: pastry, bakery

Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

Rating28 ratings Avg. 4.18

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  • Sadbere(para 9 viteve)

    ju pergezoj per resotrantin qe ekeni hapur tash ju uroj qe gjithmon te keni pun dhe ju uroj pun te palodhur.Dhe deshta tju lutem diqka nese bon (A JU DUHET PUNTORE--- SE JAM E INTERESUAR ME PUNU TE JU) NESE KENI NEVOJ ME TREGOG NE FACEBOOK --sadbere gashi-- TUNG KLM ju pres

    5 ratings Avg. 3.40
  • gazmend sulejmani(para 10 viteve)

    mirmengjes, e kam porosit dje nje torte tek ju dhe kam pas me ardh ora 8.45 me mar.po jam ne pun dhe duhet te punoj ma gjat,kshtu qe a muna me ardh me mar torten ne ora 11.30.nuk pata numer telefoni per at po ju shkruj permes e-mailit, a ka mundsi me ma kthy e-mail nese osht ne rregull me ardh ora 11.30,

    3 ratings Avg. 1.33
  • Rina Mehana(para 10 viteve)

    Desha qe me rastin e datelindjes sime te bleja nje torte me winx,dhe desh tiu pyesja sa kushton.

    2 ratings Avg. 3.00


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