Prince Coffee House

Prince Coffee House is a cafe bar specialized in a wide variety of coffee product. The bar is located in the centre and is nicely furnished. During spring and summer it's giant terrace becomes fully functional.

Prince Coffee House offers over 50 coffee recipes prepared with love and care, by the traine staff.

Cookies are also Prince's speciality.

The bar is located near the ex Rilindja building/New Goverment building. The entrance is acros the city parking, Near Tv 21 entrance and attached to Rilindja Book House.

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Tags: cocktails

Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

Rating6 ratings Avg. 4.33

Reviews (4)

  • Fitim Adili(para 9 viteve)

    Kogja kafet e mira i keni Si klient jam shume i knaqun

    0 ratings Avg. 0.00
  • John(para 9 viteve)

    Best service, and awesome variety of coffees. Definitively a place to go and recommend

    0 ratings Avg. 0.00
  • Liam(para 9 viteve)

    I have never seen such a wide variety of coffees anywhere. Its certainly the most interesting coffee shopbar I have ever been to. Its a shame there isnt anything like it in London.

    0 ratings Avg. 0.00
  • Tony(para 10 viteve)

    Great varietys of coffee. Turkish coffee is beautifuly presented and served...try it.

    0 ratings Avg. 0.00
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