Restaurant Gresa is one of the most experienced restaurants in the city. It’s a family business, whereas the kitchen chefs are family members, with their experience in Western Europe. With its classic interiorin both floors, it offers a rich menu including the daily changing menu, which is very affordable – it is known for serving both qualitative and quantitative dishes. Offers discount for groups.

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Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

Rating16 ratings Avg. 3.19

Reviews (2)

  • Dren(para 9 viteve)

    I cannot speak highly enough for this restaurant. Very reasonable prices for what you get. I highly recommend it to anyone.

    2 ratings Avg. 2.50
  • Angela(para 10 viteve)

    Did not like the food, and the service was terrible.

    2 ratings Avg. 1.50


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