Villa Lira

Being among the most visited restaurants in Prishtina and surrounded with a beautiful landscape, greenery and fresh air – Villa Lira offers great food and service. Villa Lira is considered a quiet and family restaurant. Offers discount for groups.


Favorite specialty is salty Orada fish.

Price range:

Mid-range pricing

Accompanying equipment:

Sufficient parking space and adequate security


Germia Park


Its chef offer many traditional and international specialties, distinguishing Lira mix. The bread and pizzas, also have a desirable taste, being baked in a stone oven.


Citizens, public local and international personalities, show business personalities.

Tags: Germia Park, outdoor terrace

Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

Rating11 ratings Avg. 4.18

Reviews (1)

  • Bresta(para 12 viteve)

    The orada fish in the salt dish is a must. Very nice dish. Delicious.

    2 ratings Avg. 3.00


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