Hotel Ambasador is located at an important part of the city. It is very comfortable for business events and summer holidays. Its unique interior is decorated with a fountain in the lobby, elegant and quiet rooms, equipped with TV, internet, telephone and mini-bar. All prices may be pre-negotiated, and there is a price discount for group visitors.



Price range:

The room and the restaurant prices are at average scale.

Accompanying equipment:

The hotel has its conference hall, sports hall, ventilation, 12 vehicle secure parking space, security cameras, elevator, and stairway. In the hallways of four quiet floors of the hotel a reading corner has been provided.


Rooms are elegant and comfortable to sleep. A single room costs 80 euro, while the double costs 109 euro. Apartments cost 149. Breakfast, fruits, internet, cable TV and sauna is included in each price.


Its menu consists of traditional, Italian and French cuisine. A special grilled dish is the specialty dish of the house.

Tags: conference, parking, wifi, fitness

Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

Rating17 ratings Avg. 3.24

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