Hotel CENTRO located in the heart of the Prishtina. City center area called Peyton 5minute walk from all main points of the town: governments buildings, boulevard, café bars, restaurants, banks, business centers, sport center, shopping center and last but not least “5km” 20minutes distance from Airport.

Hotel CENTRO features “boutique Hotel style” with modern look, very clean and cozy rooms. Each room has quality and comfortable beds, wooden furniture and length mirrors on closet, contemporary wallpapers incorporated with pastel color walls. Each room has a private bathroom within colorful ceramics and frosted glass panels, climate controlled “heating and air conditioning system, flat screen TV (satellite television), high speed WIFI internet, small working table and mini bar.

Guests can relax and enjoy in warma hospitality, always being of assistance of the staff with Hotels motto “requests will be possible”

The hotel's restaurant offers a buffet breakfast from very tasty Traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. Dining room looks out over a terrace of the restaurant with classic house appear and a small pine trees & flowers.

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Tags: downtown

Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

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