- Neoclassic and modern in the heart of Prishtina -

A decade long family tradition and perfectly positioned, "Hotel Prishtina" is known as a reference point, as one of the most hospitable hotels of the capital, which offers its guests an extraordinary experience and the best of Albanian culture.

Hotel Prishtina is one of the most prestigious hotels in Prishtina. With its unique architecture, designed in an original way, with modern equipment, perfectly combines elegance and simplicity of a neoclassical construction.

"Hotel Prishtina" is located in the heart of the capital's most important district, in front of the new Government building, just a few steps from the obelisk of independence "NEWBORN", shopping center "Pallati i Rinise" (Youth Center), Prishtina Stadium, Central Bank of Kosova, the "Zahir Pajaziti" square and the "Mother Teresa" square, National Theatre, Parliament and Government building, European Council Headquarters, Kosovo National University Library, Art Gallery

From "Hotel Prishtina", 10 minutes of walking brings you to the oldest part of Prishtina, known as "Carshia e Vjeter", in which there are three mosques: the King's mosque, Bazaar Mosque (the oldest building in Prishtina) and Jashar Pasha's mosque, the Clock Tower, the hammam (under renovation), Fountain, the Museum of Kosova, and the Ethnological Museum.

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Location: Prishtina, in Region: Prishtina

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