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KosovoGuide is your free and open guide to Kosovo. It intends to offer you a comprehensive information on hopefully everything one can enjoy and do in Kosovo. Being an open Guide means that you can also contribute to it by suggesting things to do and to visit in Kosovo. Being free means that the authors have agreed to license their contributions, texts and photos under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Many thanks to all authors and contributors for the initial stage:

Kaltrina Krasniqi, Floria Xhemajli, Labinot Gashi, Ermal Meta, Ferdi Limani, Fisnik Dragusha, Kevin O'Loughlin, Fatos Lajqi, Arben Salihu, Concordia Pictures, Eli Krasniqi, Lulzim Makolli, Shkumbin Saneja, James Michael DuPont, Visar Ulaj, Jusuf Shala, Shpat Paçarada, Arianit Fazliu, Shkumbin Brestovci, Astrit Hyseni, Hatixhe Azemi, Gëzime Idrizi, Ron Krasniqi, Faton Sopa, Faton Selishta, Petrit Bytyqi, Bedri Ibrahimi, Veton Dabiqaj, Korab Etemi, Betim Ismajli, Erzen Komoni, Edmond Qerimi, Mirlinda Shala, Taulant Bytyqi, Dafina Peja, Alutrim Dërmaku, Arben Llapashtica, Arbër Bakija, Afrodita Bytyqi, Liburn Aliu, Lura Limani, FLOSSK volunteers and many more...

Our thanks goes also to the authors of the Bradt Kosovo Guide Gail Warrander and Verena Knaus for writing such a beautiful book which was our guide throughout the project, and last but not least to Wikipedia for being our inspiration to share the knowledge.

USAID From the American PeopleKosovoGuide is a joint project of the Creative Studio Rrota and the News Agency Kosovapress.

The project was funded by USAID through the Kosovo Private Enterprise Program.

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