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  • Vanessa(para 9 viteve)

    What would very interesting to the rederas of this blog would be for the intrepid young bloggers who are so diligently sharing their thoughts about Kosovo to actually visit the Trepca mines and report on what they find. Ive always assumed that the Serbs and the Albanian Kosovars have exaggerated what an economic gem the mines really are. It would be good to get a first hand account of whether the mines really have the potential to be an important economic resource and just how run down and squalid the mines currently are. What will it take to rehabilitate the mines so that they can be operated profitably. As for the cadastral documents, who would one expect to have ownership of them After all, until the United States and a few Western European nations of dubious intelligence unilaterally decided that Kosovo should be an independent nation, everyone agreed that Kosovo belonged to the Serbian state. Quite naturally the cadastral documents are in Serb hands. Should they turn th over to their enemies, the Albanian Kosovars out of the goodness of their hearts Get real. As for porous borders, both the Serbs and the Kosovars insist on genuflecting before the EU in order to gain membership. They are both foolish because the EU is in the process of dying and doesnt really have anything of value to offer. But one of the major features of modernity the EU was supposed to offer member states was open borders. In light if this it is rather ironic to hear the Albanian Kosovars complaining about a porous boder with Serbia. The EU is all about porous borders.

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