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  • Evangeline(para 9 viteve)

    Ive used in past years. They added their own $ 5 or $ 10 fee (cant rmeeebmr which) to the cost of my air tickets. I dont know whether that compares well with the others.Their customer service people seemed capable. Was this answer helpful

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  • Kelsiee(para 9 viteve)

    Maybe this is crazy, but have you tried pickles I had the same issue and tried all sorts of strcheting, strength training, etc. Finally, somebody told me to eat lots of pickles and then drink the pickle juice (gross). I bought pickles, spent 10 minutes trying to convince my husband that I was NOT pregnant, and within a few days the problem went away. Now, I dont have lower leg pain when I run. I Googled it a while back and found that other runners also drink pickle juice, so maybe it isnt so strange. A pickle a day keeps the pain away. Good luck and run strong.

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